Meet Our Founder

Bristol Harris, founder of Primary Edge, Inc., worked on the Saturn V rockets for all Apollo launches and moon landings, plus the first 56 Space Shuttle flights. He worked on the third stage of the Saturn V rocket where the Lunar Module legs were folded. When Bristol was a member of the Launch Vehicle Close-out Team that performed the final inspections on the rocket just before fueling began, he would touch the ladders of every Lunar Module, so his fingerprints would be on the moon!

At the Kennedy Space Center during the Space Shuttle launch preparations in the 1970’s, Bristol mentored some of the first female Data Analysts employed by NASA.

Now, Bristol’s passion has become developing educational products that engage the young minds of a new generation. His hope is that ALL children will learn to love STEM and develop skills that lead to new innovations making the world a better place.

Digitally Focused

With our products, understand the importance of today’s technology. That’s why we work vigorously to stay up-to-date with our technology.

Forward Thinking

The beauty of education is that it is always advancing. We focus on updating our kits regularly to meet your state’s evolving standards.

Guided Implementation

We recognize that each educator may implement our product in different ways. Because of this, we work with each customer to implement our products.

Customer Support

No product is immune to problems – and that includes our own. When problems occur we take an active approach to ensure that we quickly resolve the issue. 

Our Story

Professors and instructors from universities, teachers from middle and high schools, and Bristol have collaborated to create STEM lessons featuring science investigations and engineering projects to engage ALL students and improve ALL student outcomes. Lessons are based upon engineering principles developed by NASA that contributed to the success of the Apollo moon landings and the Space Shuttle missions.

During product development and testing, we love to see the students “get it,” and the “light goes on!” Many students will spontaneously explain what they just observed as if now the student is the teacher! Other times during testing, the teachers start videoing the lesson to share with other teachers and administrators.