STEM Lesson Kits starts every student’s experience with engagement. We understand that a child learns better when engaged in the learning process. We develop lessons around the ability for teachers to engage their students in a fun and challenging experience.


Teachers everywhere are learning how STEM Lesson Kits can help better educate their students. We created our product to ensure ALL students had access to STEM learning. With each lesson, you’ll find that every student has the possibility to learn.


STEM Lesson Kits inspire young minds to explore the possibilities in and beyond the classroom. Each lesson provides real-world, hands-on learning that teaches students responsible, self-checking and creative engagement beyond the lesson.

Benefits of Our Comprehensive System

Teaches State's Science Standards

Lessons are created from state standards to teach standards and to test studetns’ knowledge of standards. Questions in the quizzes come from sample state standards tests. Lessons align with current state standards and will be updated as the state updates standards.

All Hands-on Materials & Equipment Provided

No more going to stores to purchase items for the science class. Only 5% of items provided are expendable and the rest of the material and equipment may be used year-after-year.


Full Instructions - Manuals, Guides, & Data Sheets

Complete lessons also contain time-saving background information to support teachers. Each student’s work is automatically posted in a grade book for teachers to evaluate student mastery of subjects.

Project Based Learning (PBL)

Every lesson starts with a storyline that provides a purpose for performing the science investigation or engineering project. The students are striving towards objectives rather than just following instructions.

Team Collaboration with Role Assignments

Teams are created with a role for each student just like in the real world where members of collaboration teams have specific education and experiences for contributing to the team.

Students Self-Check Data Online

Students self-check data gathered from hands-on work. Students work is automatically posted in a grade book for teachers to evaluate student mastery of subjects.  Students and parents may view their student’s report.

Student-Centered Lessons

Are you solving problems for students, or letting them solve the problems? These student-centered lessons are excellent for transitioning to a blended learning classroom!

Online Personal Learning Related to Hands-On Experiences

Real-world STEM examples of the science principles observed during the hands-on experiences are shown to give the students purpose for their work. This is a personal learning time for individual student reflection.

About Our Lessons

Hands-On Science Investigations


Engineering Projects

Students Self-Checking
Hands-on Work

Related Real-World

Content from Your State Standards

All equipment & materials


Teacher’s Manual

Student Data Sheets

  • Proper Techniques & vocabulary
  • Critical Thinking
  • Group Collaboration

Student Self-Checking of Data Collected using 3D Animated Simulations

Applying Knowledge Gained in Investigation/Project to Daily Activities

  • Speed Review
  • 5 Question Quizzes
  • Extras – Rewards

Student Self-Checking via 3D Simulation

Students are challenged to design a scale model “machine” that will separate various recycleable materials.  Later in the lesson students are shown a scale model “machine” and are asked to improve the machine.  Finally, students are introduced to the “best” machine as shown is this video. WATCH!

Students are shown that “science is everywhere” and may be observed by using common household items!  The ping-pong ball is amazingly “floating in air!”  The student must also measure what they have observed – weight, size, angles, and air speed.  Did you know that air flows out of a typical hair dryer at 25 mph?  WATCH!